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"A novel of grandeur and daring, a book of fierce pleasures. Its themes are those that have occupied the great story-tellers from the beginning: the journey of self-discovery, danger and self-reliance, conduct.  Yellowfish is, without qualification or hedging, a great work of imaginative literature, smack in the mainstream.  This is the one."  

-Raymond Carver, author of Will You Please Be Quiet Please.


". . . in addition to its technical proficiency as a thriller, Yellowfish is even more compelling on several other, deeper levels. It is a story of widely differing personalities reaching each other across vast cultural gaps; it is a story of the triumph and failure of personalities over circumstance; and it is a story of the corruption of the American vision. . . . The book stays with one long after the reading is done; and the reader will search in his mind through the many levels of meaning far beyond the turning of the last page."

-Richard Hoffman, Dallas Morning News

". . . the author restores the tired abstractions of the great Western space and silence with fresh feelings of motion and flight. Both animals and men are hunted in this hard though never heartless book. The prey die with fierce dignity and the predators do not gloat."

-R.Z. Shepherd, Time.